You are created to birth NATIONS!

You are created to birth NATIONS!

There are so many of us who are sitting and waiting on the promises of God but the truth is that the promise is already within us! When Christ died on the cross for our salvation, God declared us free from a life of sin, and sent the Holy Spirit as a Helper to guide us throughout this life. John 8:36 says “Whom the son sets free is free indeed”. So please know and understand family, that this is a covenant that God created with us and God does not break His covenants! Much like the covenant He made with Abraham.

God told Abraham in Genesis 13:14-17 that he would be a father to many nations. He created a covenant with Abraham that he would be fruitful and all Abraham needed to do was believe. Shortly thereafter, Abraham’s faith allowed him to seethe promise manifest on earth. But the promise started within Him. 

So if you are struggling to hold to the promises of God, don’t lose hope! Remember as a believer, the ultimate promise is already within you. YOU ARE CREATED TO BIRTH NATIONS! 


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